Manage your public DNS domains securely using Azure DNS


Let’s talk about technical vs. financial management of a public registered DNS domain.  At Realdolmen, the classroom IT-infrastructure has its own dedicated internet connection. With it came the possibility to register a .be domain, our own test domain. As a responsible for registering entries in this domain, I was trying to find a solution for the inconvenience  that our internal IT department was responsible for buying and managing the internet connection and the domain through the Internet Provider’s portal, all with one account they received and knew the password of.  Any new entry or change had to be passed on to them, making changes slow(er) and error prone. When configuring our own Office 365 tenant I wanted to be in control of it too, just as I could for the internal DNS zones!

Controlling public DNS zones without the use of the registrars website and without having to manage a public accessible DNS server? Azure DNS!

  1. You own a Public DNS domain registered with a internet provider.
  2. Create the DNS zone in the Azure portal.
  3. One time configuration: change the Name Servers at the provider. Technically this is done by pointing the NS records in that domain to the name servers of Azure, the portal nicely displays them after you have created your zone:,,,
  4.  Add Record sets like A-, Cname-, SRV-, TXT-records as many as you like!
  5. Optionally: manage access on who can manage records using the users and groups from the Azure Active Directory regulating access to your subscription already. A custom role ‘DNS Contributor‘ can be given to allow that user to manage records.
  6. Optionally automate management using Azure Powershell.
  7. Done!

    rdeducation DNS-zone

    rdeducation DNS-zone

Automated it!

Azure management in a portal ok, creating stuff with Powershell to easily repeat and speed up the process is beter! For instance, creating a new A-record can be done with the following command:

Reference: Azure DNS cmdlets


Cost is based on usage (as is almost everything in Azure).

Example: hosting one zone, receiving up to one billion queries / month: 0,76€ (yes that’s all!)

Reference: DNS Azure pricing



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Author: Harold Baele

Harold Baele
Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Technical Consultant after 15 years of evangelism as Microsoft Certified Trainer. Living in Belgium with his wife and son.

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