Heeeelp! I want to un-split my DHCP…

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Today a post about one of the core services of any network, DHCP. A protocol designed to assign IP addresses to devices, duh! A customer of ours recently wanted to move away from their classic Split DHCP deployment, consisting of 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controllers (hmm…) sharing IP ranges with the help of ugly Address Pool Exclusions. The main raison for their question was that they wanted to leave the Domain Controller role dedicated, as per best practice of course and they wanted to have the DHCP service physically distributed.

Some important requirements were laid out: “we still need High Availability” (and we want that accross datacenters). That’s a no-brainer! Away with Split DHCP and Failover Clustering, say hello to DHCP Failover. “We do not want any impact towards out end-users and devices”. This one is a bit more difficult as we will need to aggregate DHCP lease information from our 2 old DHCP servers. Still not to worry, there are commands that can export lease information. “We have about 200 scopes, we don’t feel like clicking towards arthritis! Can we automate this process at least a little?”

Powershell to the rescue, again! The script below can be used to export DHCP config from multiple DHCP servers, lease information included. It will also configure the DHCP Failover relationship and it will deactivate the scopes on the old DHCP servers. Isn’t that great?

Happy DHCP’ing and Have a nice day!

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Author: Anthony Van den bossche

Anthony Van den bossche
Within my Technical Consultant role, I advise customers concerning (Hybrid) Identity topics such as Azure AD, WAP, ADFS, Certificate Services, Domain Services and others. "Better to be a geek than an idiot."

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