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My post today is about an issue I encountered several months ago with SCVMM 2016 and Hyper-V 2016. When creating a logical vSwitch in SCVMM and pushing it to the Hyper-V nodes, I noticed that the vSwitch becomes “Not Compliant” after a refresh of the Hyper-V hosts.


When remediation of the vSwitch completes, you can see that SCVMM has set the “Microsoft Azure VFP Switch Extension” to (none), removing it from the vSwitch.


This is, however, quite misleading, since it turns out it’s not the “Microsoft Azure VFP Switch Extension”, but the “NDIS Capture Extension” that is causing the issue.

You will get this behavior if you:

  • create the logical vSwitch through SCVMM;
  • enable the NDIS Capture Extension for that vSwitch.


Microsoft confirmed that this behavior is a product bug and that there is no solution yet. The workaround is to turn off the “NDIS Capture Extension”.


The first option for fixing this is recreating the vSwitch and pushing the new vSwitch to the Hyper-V nodes, which is kind of a hassle when the vSwitch is already in use. (You can’t just turn off the extension using the GUI.)

Another, easier fix is using PowerShell. Pay attention to the “-ID” parameters, these will be different in your environment.


I hope this post saves you some time when encountering this issue and hopefully there will be an official fix soon.

For the interested: the complete Partner Support and and Technet topics can be found here and here.


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Author: Matthias Spelier

Matthias Spelier
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