SCDPM 2016 VM restore troubles

Some time ago I’ve installed SCDPM 2016 and configured the backups jobs. All was going well, until we tried to restore a a test VM…

I was able to restore the files on disk, copy the files to the Hyper-V cluster and import the VM again. Not really the ideal situation…

When restoring the VM directly to Hyper-V I’ve encountered the following error:

2017-11-21 16_03_34-sprodinf006 - Remote Desktop Connection


Google told me the solution was adding backup VLANs to SCDPM. In my case that wasn’t the solution. When I opened Event Viewer on the Hyper-V node I’ve founded the following error in the Hyper-V-VMMS log:

2017-11-21 16_04_07-sprodinf006 - Remote Desktop Connection


I’ve opened the settings of the VM and the installation DVD was still attached:

2017-11-21 16_02_52-sprodinf006 - Remote Desktop Connection


After removing the DVD drive, backing-up the VM again, my restore was successful!:

2017-11-21 16_09_43-sprodinf006 - Remote Desktop Connection


After this quick fix, I’ve could not only backup the VMs but also restore them!

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